I am a writer and actor and it feels good that I can at last say that I am both.

In 2021 my second book EXHUMATION: ‘The Life and Death of Madan Lal Dhingra’ will be published by Hope Road Publishing and I will be appearing on TV in the new series of ACKLEY BRIDGE on Channel 4.

In the 30+ years since the publication of my first book AMRITVELA, much has changed: my publishers, Women’s Press, are no more and my present publishers inform me that nowadays much is now done on line.  

So it seemed a good idea, whilst waiting for my book to come out,  to create my own website and write a blog in my own voice. 

 My blog will explore fragments from my past and reflections from my present.

Photograph © Claudia Manchanda

Latest from the Blog

Ginny and the dream

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