I am a writer and actor and it feels good that I can at last say that I am both. 

Life is full of mysteries!

Whilst researching my forthcoming book, my acting career unexpectedly took off and the writing gradually slid onto the back burner.   Then I acted in an episode of Dr Who about the Partition of India, which again unexpectedly shifted an emotional block and released my writer self.  

My forthcoming book, EXHUMATION: ‘The Life and Death of Madan Lal Dhingra’ will be published by HopeRoad Publishing on 17th August 2021 and I will be appearing on TV in the new series of ACKLEY BRIDGE on Channel 4.

In the 30 years since the publication of my first book AMRITVELA, much has changed, and I am told that nowadays one needs a presence on line.  So it seemed a good idea, as I await publication, to create my own website and write a fortnightly blog in I will explore fragments from my past, reflections from my present and create a personal Millefeuille.

Latest from the Blog

Meera, Lahore, 1944

I will start with a photograph. The first photograph.  Sitting in my mothers lap pointing in the direction of my father saying: “ Ooo – Gay!”  ‘There – Gone!” My father, Baldoon Dhingra, was a poet, and named me Meera, after a poet he loved and admired. And I remember calling myself Meera.  A fewContinue reading “Meera, Lahore, 1944”

Ginny and the dream

‘Why don’t you carry on with your history in a hundred objects idea,’ said Ginny, ‘ didn’t you start it?’ ‘Yes. Ten years ago. When History of the World in a hundred objects was first broadcast.’ ‘It was such a good programme.’ ‘ And it was back on the radio during the lockdown while IContinue reading “Ginny and the dream”

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