At the 2009 Edinburgh film festival

It was always assumed that I would be an actress. I went to Drama School in the early 60’s, but after two years of getting nowhere, and tired of waitressing and waiting, I abandoned the profession.  So it was a bolt out of the blue  that thirty years later my acting career suddenly happened and I found myself playing a lead at the Bush Theatre in ‘Backstroke in a Crowded Pool,’ by Jane Coles. It was exhilarating.

In 2008 I played Miss Chandrakala in the Doctor Who episode, The Unicorn and The Wasp. I made a second appearance on the show as Nani Umbreen in Demons of the Punjab in 2018.

As Miss Chandrakala in The Unicorn and the Wasp (c) BBC Studios
As Nani Umbreen in Demons of the Pubjab (c) BBC Studios

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