1948/9 Scleroderma and Muesli

“Scleroderma is an uncommon condition that results in hard, thickened areas of skin and sometimes problems with internal organs and blood vessels.”( Wikipedia) My father’s letters to Gita Sarabhai  are an aide memoir to my chronology and more. In a letter dated: 3rd August 1948, six months after my arrival in Paris, his suggests they collaborate on a book onContinue reading “1948/9 Scleroderma and Muesli”

Meera, Lahore, 1944

I will start with a photograph. The first photograph.  Sitting in my mothers lap pointing in the direction of my father saying: “ Ooo – Gay!”  ‘There – Gone!” My father, Baldoon Dhingra, was a poet, and named me Meera, after a poet he loved and admired. And I remember calling myself Meera.  A fewContinue reading “Meera, Lahore, 1944”

Ginny and the dream

‘Why don’t you carry on with your history in a hundred objects idea,’ said Ginny, ‘ didn’t you start it?’ ‘Yes. Ten years ago. When History of the World in a hundred objects was first broadcast.’ ‘It was such a good programme.’ ‘ And it was back on the radio during the lockdown while IContinue reading “Ginny and the dream”

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