Letter from Musoorie

My first ‘object’ is a letter. First letter, first school, first separation. I remember writing it. I am four years old. In an English boarding school in Musoorie, up in the Himalayas,  sitting in a room with my 9 year old sister. There is a grownup there watching over us and we are  writing aContinue reading “Letter from Musoorie”

Meera, Lahore, 1944

I will start with a photograph. The first photograph.  Sitting in my mothers lap pointing in the direction of my father saying: “ Ooo – Gay!”  ‘There – Gone!” My father, Baldoon Dhingra, was a poet, and named me Meera, after a poet he loved and admired. And I remember calling myself Meera.  A fewContinue reading “Meera, Lahore, 1944”

Ginny and the dream

‘Why don’t you carry on with your history in a hundred objects idea,’ said Ginny, ‘ didn’t you start it?’ ‘Yes. Ten years ago. When History of the World in a hundred objects was first broadcast.’ ‘It was such a good programme.’ ‘ And it was back on the radio during the lockdown while IContinue reading “Ginny and the dream”

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