EXHUMATION: The Life and Death of Madan Lal Dhingra
Out 17th August 2021 with HopeRoad Publishing
Previous books published with The Womens’ Press, Longman and Serpent’s Tail

Writing started with letters. The first was when I was four to my parents in Paris. Soon after, came the Partition of India, partitioning my family from our homeland and then from each other. It became an unsettled family life held together through letters.

Over the years, with a lot of moving around, trying to fit in various countries/identities, I got lost. Then, I wrote a piece ‘ The girl who couldn’t see herself’.

And that is why I write: to see myself, to find my voice, come out of invisibility and ‘digest’ my fragmented/unsettled life.

My first published piece called ‘Breaking Out of the Labels’, appeared in WATCHERS AND SEEKERS Creative Writing by Black Women in Britain, edited by Merle Collins and Rhoda Cobham, ( The Women’s Press. 1987).

The following year they published my first novel AMRITVELA.

I then contributed to a number of anthologies and magazines.   Here, I will gradually gather together these scattered stories and their process.

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