Paris and Dr Radhakrishnan, 1948

Dr Radhakrishan was a very eminent man,  Philosopher, Oxford professor, Knight Bachelor, Educator, Author. When, in 1962, he was appointed the second President of India, Bertrand Russell said ” Plato aspired for philosophers to become kings and it is a tribute to India that she should make a philosopher her President”. He was in ParisContinue reading “Paris and Dr Radhakrishnan, 1948”

1959. SPIDER. Royal County Theatre, Bedford

‘TS Eliot was an American lived in England and became British. WH Auden was English lived in America and became American Who lost and who gained?’ I am looking aimlessly at the yellowing wisteria shedding its leaves in my garden pond when Spider’s words from 60 earlier suddenly appear – from where? I am puzzled ,Continue reading “1959. SPIDER. Royal County Theatre, Bedford”

The Wedding Photograph, Lahore 1937

‘By the time we got round to getting our wedding picture taken, I was already expecting and had become quite big.  That’s why we didn’t get a full length picture.’ In our flat in Paris this wedding picture used to live on a display shelf of a tall slim ornately carved piece of furniture belongingContinue reading “The Wedding Photograph, Lahore 1937”